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Smart Affordable Ultra High DefinitionSecurity Camera Systems for Home and Business

New Jersey and Pennsylvania Ultra High Definition Smart Camera Systems

Ultra-high definition smart camera systems can be customized to fit and protect any needs and any environment, from commercial buildings large and small, to residential homes, outdoor parking lots, and schools. These systems provide a way of monitoring your property while you are there or away via PC, Mac, Tablet, or smartphone.

Monitor from anywhere on a tablet


Monitor form anywhere on your smartphone


Commerical systems monitor theft, inventory loss, and insurance claims


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ATECH SECURITY LLC is the leading Security CCTV Installation Company in the Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia & Pa. area specializing in Security Cameras Systems & Card Access Alarm Systems. Contact us with all your security needs and we will customize a system promptly, and cost effective for you. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and constantly updating and training our Installers on all the new and ever changing world of technology and communications.