Alarm Systems in Voorhees

Protecting your family or your Voorhees business starts with employing the right alarm system services for your premises within your budget. ATECH SECURITY LLC are masters of alarm installation engineering and implementations and will work with you to develop the best layout, wiring, and control design for your goals. In some cases, your insurance company will not honor your current policy if the wiring has not been completed to the current standards outlined in The National Electrical Code—don’t take this risk. Choose licensed professionals who are up-to-date in all safety and industry training accreditations.

Our alarm system service technicians are bonded and insured, have been vetted, and have passed our rigorous process. We guarantee our craftsmanship and quality products to meet your high expectations. We fulfill every requirement outlined in any residential or commercial electrical inspection checklist. A no-obligation consultation would allow us to address any security questions or concerns you may have once we have been able to look at the unique parameters of your property.

Advanced Security Systems Do More Than Just Sound the Alarm

Modern technology and the dawn of smart devices have been a breakthrough in monitoring your property with the touch of a button. In addition to alarms going off—when intruders open doors or windows without the proper code—you should be on the alert for other potential hazards like:

  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Freezing
  • Medical emergencies
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Broken windows

Once the sensors have detected a threat, you and your security monitoring company will be notified immediately. Typically, your security company will dispatch the correct authorities within seconds of receiving a distress signal from your property.

Authorized Wired Alarm System Installation Pros

Our wired alarm system installations and surveillance solutions are designed with the goal of making our premium products and services accessible to households and businesses of all sizes. In most cases, an alarm system installation will take one to two days to complete, depending on the size of your property and the number of security layers you would like to add. Here are just some of the home security devices and component options we can help you choose to fit your goals and budget:

  • Smart door locks
  • Touchpad and touchscreen door locks
  • Image sensors
  • Indoor video cameras
  • Smart thermostats
  • Door/window contact sensors
  • Outdoor cameras and pan-and-tilt cameras
  • Smoke detection
  • Smart lights
  • Motion detectors
  • Doorbell video cameras
  • Sirens
  • Panic/emergency buttons
  • Voice speakers with two-way talk options
  • Garage door locks and door contact sensors

Security Installation Control Options

The value of any Voorhees security installation can be measured by how easy the use of controls is for the home or business owner. Advances in smart technology have made calibrating controls easier than ever before. With the touch of the main control or sub control panel, or simply by accessing an app on your smartphone, you can instantly monitor the health and wellbeing of your site—any time of day or night. We take the time to make sure each element of your security protection system is correctly installed and responsive to all commands from the remote controls before we turn them over to you. Before we leave, we will also make sure you are comfortable with setting and disarming each part of the system.

Call our Voorhees location to book an appointment to consult with our top recommended alarm system services today.