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Alarm System Installation

ATECH SECURITY LLC is the alarm system installation expert you can rely on for a full suite of home and commercial security solutions, including security electric gates. When you want to maintain your privacy, secure your business, and keep unwanted visitors away, our personalized solutions empower you to safeguard your home or business with added layers of protection that enhance your comfort and make you feel safe.

With professional licensing and decades of experience, we’re the industry experts you can trust to implement reliable and long-lasting alarms and gate systems that offer peak performance and live up to your high standards.

Dial (856) 986-0972 to discuss forward-thinking home and commercial security options that check off all your boxes with a local security services provider who prioritizes your satisfaction.

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Cost-Effective Security System Installation for Homes and Businesses

Do you want to be able to monitor and control access to your home or business? Our cost-effective security system installations make it simple to achieve your objectives. We’re committed to keeping our rates competitive to ensure you can easily access our wide range of proven alarm system products and access control options.

We work with:

  • Residents
  • Small businesses
  • Corporate businesses
  • Industrial facilities

Let us tailor a security installation that adds significant value to your property and allows you to focus on enjoying your home or running your business instead of dealing with unwanted intruders.

Security Electric Gates

We outfit your home or commercial space with LiftMaster slide and swing gate openers that automatically move gates by sliding them to the side or swinging them open.

Here’s a brief overview of our security electric gates:

LiftMaster slide gate openers are designed to open gates that slide horizontally, parallel to a fence or wall. They're commonly used for properties with limited space that can't accommodate a swinging gate or locations where a swing gate wouldn't be practical due to the landscape.

LiftMaster swing gate openers are made for gates that open by swinging outward or inward from a hinge point, much like a regular door.

The choice between slide and swing gate openers typically depends on your preferences and factors like the property's layout, aesthetic desires, and functional requirements. Both gate openers incorporate features like remote operation, security enhancements, safety mechanisms—like obstruction sensors to prevent gate closure when an obstacle is detected—and smart technology integrations for control via smartphones or integration with other smart home devices.

We install these openers to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure years of reliable service. Connect with us for the answers to all your questions about installing a security gate.

Home Security System Installers

We’re a home security installer with a valid New Jersey Burglary Low Voltage license. Our bonded and fully insured experts prioritize your safety and peace of mind. Our hands-on experience helps us personalize security solutions that align with your finances and fulfill your desire to protect your property with the best home security products.

Call us to discuss alarm systems and automated gate options that empower you to select who can access you and your property.

Consult With ATECH SECURITY LLC’s Industry Leading Alarm Installers and Gate Automation Experts

ATECH SECURITY LLC’s alarm installers and gate automation experts go the extra mile to equip your property with tailored security products that suit your budget and effectively keep unwanted personnel from entering your property.

Reach us at (856) 986-0972 to reserve an appointment to consult with our experts in home and business security systems.

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